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High-Speed Intermittent & Continuous Motion Assembly

What Is High-Speed Assembly?

Manufacturers are constantly faced with the challenge of increasing throughput.  In many cases this involves the need for high-speed assembly.  We recognize that high-speed assembly is relative to each application; for some, high speed can mean increasing to 60 ppm, whereas others may require 1,200 ppm and higher. Haumiller can develop custom solutions for any high-speed assembly need.

Our vast experience in part handling at high speeds, as well as incorporating processes, testing and inspections, allows us to deliver individualized answers for your situation. In fact, we are among a very few automation suppliers that have the skill to deliver both intermittent motion and continuous motion assembly solutions.

How Continuous Motion Systems Maximize Productivity

In terms of high-speed assembly, output doesn’t get any faster than with a continuous motion system. These systems incorporate multiple processes that can occur without interruption for every cycle, effectively overlapping the processes. This allows the system to operate significantly faster – up to 1,200 parts per minute.

However, speed isn’t the only benefit of continuous motion technology. It also provides an opportunity to optimize a process for the most consistent, highest quality performance.

In continuous motion, because the tooling never loses control of the individual components, part alignment is maintained during assembly. This produces smoother processes that are much less likely to damage either your components or the machinery itself.

Benefits of High-Speed Continuous Motion Assemblies

  • Significantly lower maintenance costs than indexing systems, due to smoother and gentler motions.
  • Multiple, longer processes (up to 3-4 seconds) automated on one machine
  • More “up time” in production, resulting in higher net yields
  • Customized machine design with smaller footprint (sometimes by factors of 10 or more compared to other technologies)

Your company can maximize these benefits by designing new products with continuous motion assembly in mind. Contact Haumiller today. Let’s get started!

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