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“The most important thing is that when I go to [Haumiller], I get what I need when I need it.”
—Product Marketer
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Industries Served

At Haumiller, we specialize in producing automation machinery for any industry that manufactures high-volume disposable products.

There are many reasons that manufacturers and marketers have relied on us for more than 50 years – including our ability to produce effective and efficient machine designs, quick and reliable delivery, strict confidentiality and smooth process integration, just to name a few. But ultimately, nothing is more important to our customers than our time-tested experience. When it comes to industrial automation machinery, we have seen a significant range of challenges, and we can handle almost any automation challenge you may face.

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Medical Devices:
Who We Serve: Manufacturers of medical devices such as I.V. components, luer connectors, check valves, syringes, sight chambers and other disposable products

Why We’re Different: We insist on a meticulous, exacting approach to assuring piece-part quality, with rigorous product integrity verification and process documentation built into every assembly machine we produce. We are also skilled at process and equipment integration, and we have R&D and automation process development/improvement capabilities.

Personal Care and Household Products:
Who We Serve: Marketers, OEMs and plastic injection molders that manufacture products such as deodorant, shampoo, perfume, disposable razors, air fresheners and surface cleaning products

Why We’re Different: Trust Haumiller for fast and reliable delivery as well as strict confidentiality. Our efficient and reliable assembly equipment and dependable service ensures your consistent production levels. And because we understand your speed-to-market challenges, you can be confident we’ll meet the dates we promise.

Food and Beverage
Who We Serve: Marketers, OEMs and plastic injection molders that manufacture products used in such items as condiment closures, coffee containers, water dispensers, cooking spray dispensers and chewing gum dispensers

Why We’re Different: Our automated assembly equipment can handle very high volumes and very fast outputs, with very low risk of contamination. Because our machines are built with reliability and dependability in mind, you can count on high equipment up-time. We can also provide a small equipment footprint to fit into your existing production line.

Electrical Connectors:
Who We Serve: Companies that produce pin connectors, wire harness connectors, terminal connectors and safety devices used commonly in the construction or automotive industry
Why We’re Different
: Our meticulous approach to testing ensures the quality and integrity of your outputs, reducing your scrap rate and therefore your production costs. We also offer press-site automation and integration capabilities so that your equipment integrates seamlessly into your existing line processes.

Is your business in an industry not listed here? Contact us and let’s talk!

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